Laboratory Support

Accreditation Support


We have extensive experience helping environmental laboratories earn and maintain accreditation.  From preparation of initial applications to supporting onsite assessments by accrediting bodies, we help every step of the way. 

Internal and External Audits


In our experience, most labs prefer to spend their time analyzing samples and generating revenue.  We handle your audits so you can focus on taking good care of your Clients.  

Data Integrity Training


We handle data integrity and other required routine training so you can focus on your business.

Project Manager Training


Many times, project managers are coming from other areas of the lab or from another line of work.  We provide initial and continuing training to new, as well as seasoned, project managers, providing them with the skills necessary to ensure they contribute to your success.

Standard Operating Procedures


Let's face it, many SOPs may meet format requirements, but rarely are they helpful in routine operations.  We review your SOPs and offer suggestions to transform them into useful documents ensuring efficient implementation of policies and procedures.

Laboratory Waste Management


We know the intricacies of laboratory waste management, from characterization to storage requirements to documentation and disposal options.  We ensure your waste is managed properly.