Consultant Support

Chemicals of Concern


Analyzing for "everything" is just not realistic.  Our professionals provide support to your team by participating in research on the site's history, specifically chemicals and materials used as well as potential by-products, and using that information to identify contaminants of potential concern.  

Choosing the Analyses


Once chemicals of concern have been identified,  we assist in the selection of appropriate and robust analytical methods, taking into consideration method selectivity and sensitivity, as well as any matrix-specific challenges.

Choosing the Right Lab


Once appropriate methods have been identified,  we assist in the selection of appropriately-qualified laboratories.  We assess laboratory capabilities and, more specifically, the lab's ability to meet data quality objectives and to generate data useful in regulatory or other decision-making.

Working with the Lab


When desired, we coordinate directly with the lab on your behalf to ensure your field actvities are efficient.  We ensure sample containers, preservatives, labels, chains-of-custody and related documentation are correct to help you focus on other important project details.  We are always available to offer real-time advice to help you accomodate unforeseen challenges like unusual matrices or reduced sample volume.  And finally, we communicate effectively with the lab when questions arise about the samples, matrices or methods.

Assessing the Analytical Results


We review the analytical results and identify any deficiencies in the laboratory's report.  When the data requires qualification, we help determine how the useability of the data may be impacted.

A True Partnership



We offer geologists, engineers, environmental scientists and managers peace of mind and confidence in decisions being made.  Don't let laboratory or data quality issues cause budget overruns or deal-killing project delays.  As a resource to your team, we can help ensure your project strategy implementation is efficient, cost-effective, and of a quality that ensures decisions are based on reliable data.